Hi folks,

A quick update for you! It was a tough day of 7.5 hours of two up rowing with one 15min break last night just to reach Nongsa; it was a good honest workout! Customs has been cleared, the tides are right, the wind is behind us and we are headed off into the night. Hopefully it is a more pleasant evening!

Stay tuned for more!

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  1. Grant, you are downright absolute legend who inspires others to exceed their individual expectations. I have been following your preparations and shall follow your journey from Home to Home. Wishing you and your traveling buddies and support every success. Best regards Steve Nye


  2. ;o) Well done Grant and Charlie!


  3. Guys. So awesome to see you doing so well. Very proud of you and so impressed

    I have been watching your updates and it’s a real pleasure to see you blog!

    I have been alarming my mates showing the track and then zooming out to show the enormity of the challenge!

    Stay safe!!!


  4. Hi Grant, following you ,day by day, good stuff ,keep it up. Called at Urenui today and caught up with Mum and Dad and your extended whanau. Everyones in good shape ,we enjoyed a coffee together up at the local Cafe. Cheers, Alan Morris


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