Ladies and Gentlemen, Simpson’s Donkey has left the building… well, we’ve left Singapore at least! Today was a big day because crossing the shipping channel between Singapore and Indonesia was our first big challenge… but everything went off without a hitch and we even had time for one last quick call home before entering Indonesia and moving on to the next big challenges ahead!


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  1. My inspiration may come in a small, nuggety package, but the bar has been set, the shoulder and leg muscles prepared and the mindset fixed. Travel well, my friend with good fortune and weather at your side. As the Titan you are Axe, I remain in awe of your endeavour and throw hearty cheers at your realisation that life is to be fully lived, earned, experienced, loved and embraced with passion.


  2. Mark W Atherton

    Grant/Charlie: My father used to say “Half of completing a job is just getting started.” Even if only a portion of his words are correct, you’re well on your way. Congratulations on getting across the channel. Grantus: an advantage of being on a 6.4m boat is it’s hard to lose your wingman… and if food gets low… remember the “Piggy with the Wooden Leg” joke. Look forward to your posts, Bud. Safe travels!


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