May 30th – It’s A Wrap – Grant On Flight Home!

(from David Lim)

Grant is on his flight home from Kathmandu today and will be landing at Changi International Airport at 2015hrs at Terminal 2. I’ll be there, together with his fans to welcome him home. I’ve enjoyed the vicarious thrill of posting and updating this site when he was unable to do so personally and thank all of you who popped in to visit and share the experience. Until next time….

Off belay,

David Lim

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  1. Scho and Tim Richardson

    Thank you very much David for being his online voice and ghost writer! Please give him a hug and kiss from us when you see him at Changi… ;] We look forward to celebrating with him and Stephanie. Cheers, Scho and Tim


  2. Thanks David for keeping us in the loop.
    Susie & Rick 🙂


  3. Greg and Yoke

    We also appreciate your support to Axe and the will to give insight to us mere mortals at lower altitude. Thank you!


  4. Greg and Yoke

    Of course we mean Axe and Stephanie also!!!!


  5. Grant,
    Some comments from my class for you:

    Congratulations Grant!
    How are you now? How did it feel to be on the top of the world? It
    sounds like it was very difficult to climb from the north side of the mountain? What’s your next dream?

    From: David, XiaoLong, Victoria

    Dear Grant
    Hello we are Mrs. S’ students Sakurako, Omri, Andres and Dong Yoon. We are
    glad you hit the summit of Mount Everest. Congratulations! Your dream
    became real! We hope that you feel good now. You are the only person that we know who
    has climbed Mount Everest. What are you going to eat when you come back to Singapore?
    What is your next dream? See you in Singapore!
    From: Sakurako, Omri, Andres and Dong Yoon.

    Dear Grant,

    Congratulations, Congratulations!
    We are happy that you reached the top of the world. We are happy that you
    are safe too. I hope you had a good time on Everest. It’s awesome that you
    reached the top of the biggest mountain in the world.
    How did you feel on Everest ? Tina, Marika, Baptiste and Narumu

    Dear Grant! We (Ada, Max, Frederik and Chan Young) 🙂 are very happy that
    you reached the summit of Mount Everest! Excellent work. We hope you
    enjoyed the climb and that you are feeling good, healthy and strong! Have you eaten a cheese burger yet? You are very lucky and you should be proud of
    yourself. Good job!

    Well done with EVERYTHING! All your loved ones can’t wait to see you back in Singapore.
    See you soon,
    Philippa (Ms. S)


  6. Thank you David for your updates when Grant was “pre-occupied”. You rounded off the silences well and kept the continuity slick. Well done!
    Grant, what more can I say? You have certainly achieved something extraordinary and no doubt it would have been as cathartic as the first mountain you climbed, as was mine. It was an exciting, fascinating and truly remarkable adventure and thank you for a breathd-taking journey to the “Third Pole”.


  7. Welcome home Grant, have a well deserved rest with your lovely wife next to you!it was a real pleasure to meet you in person after reading your fantastic blogs.


  8. Thank you David for allowing us all to be part of Grant’s dream and being able to share it with him just about step by step until he accomplished it. The effort and support you have shown Grant and Stephanie in the past two years is outstanding and I hope that in the near future I am able to meet you. My dream is now to be able to fly to Singapore and visit your beautiful country and experience the world Grant now calls home. Unfortunately, just don’t know when the old body will allow it but I have a brilliant Physio who in helping me recover and get me to my new me!! Grant, a wonderful accomplishment, would love to be there to welcome you home.


    • Stephanie Rawlinson

      you’re an awesome lady, Debra. Your strength and perserverance has inspired Grant more than you know. We look forward to having you in Singapore. I’m sure you will be able to come visit Singapore next year latest 🙂


  9. "Uncle" Bill

    Thanks David
    Grant are you back to work in the morning, we have a few things to discuss
    ;-)) Bill


  10. Carol Spragg

    Many thanks from the children of Room 5, St Joseph’s School Stratford NZ for the opportunity to share this experience. It has been a positive “real” adventure for the children to be part of and their knowledge of mountaineering, Everest and the surrounding countries has has increased considerably (and so has mine!). We are encouraging our School to have a Mufti Day to support the Taranaki Rescue Helicopter fund raising to show our gratitude for the opportunity. Carol Spragg


    • Hello Carol! Thanks for the message, I look forward to visiting the kids and yourself on my next trip back to Taranaki. Thanks for following and I am glad the kids enjoyed the experience. Its great to hear about the mufti day idea, what an excellent idea! Well its my first day back at home in Singapore and I better go and start doing some much needed washing! Speak soon, Grant


  11. You did a great job David! Thanks very much!


  12. Phew, glad you are back.


  13. Was only joking Grant, speak to you soon. Bill


  14. Kate (Isadora) Smith

    Thank you for taking me on your wonderful journey. You cannot believe how much I have enjoyed the experience. Life has suddenly gone very quiet and I am missing all the wonderful e-mails I received daily. I shall keep an eye on you from time to time. Warmest regards to Stephanie, Debra and yourself. Cheers Kate S ( Yorkshire )


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