The Taranaki Rescue Helicopter Trust – An appeal

Well the hard work climbing Everest has finished, but my work to raise money for the Taranaki Rescue Helicopter Trust has just begun.

For those of you who have only started reading my blog in the last two months you may not be aware of the connection between my climb and the Taranaki Rescue Helicopter Trust, through my sister, Debra’s serious car accident in February 2012.  You can read more about the accident here.

I have tried very hard to bring you as readers along with me on my journey to Everest.  I have thoroughly enjoyed the experience, especially the interaction with readers and  I hope that if you have enjoyed the journey together with me then you would consider making a donation to the Taranaki Rescue Helicopter Trust through the link below.

100% of this money goes directly to the Helicopter Trust – it does not come through me.  The Taranaki Rescue Helicopter Trust provides such an awesome service to the community and relies on public donations to keep running.  It saves lives on a weekly basis, be they local Taranaki folk involved in accidents or tourists who get stuck or injured while visiting the province and climbing the mountain.  The online payment option below is secure and you can donate using Credit Card or PAYPAL.

Please click on the DONATE button below to donate.

In the ‘Purpose’ Field please put ‘Axe on Everest 2012’

Axe on Everest Slide Presentations

I will also be giving slide presentations on my Everest climb to raise money for the Helicopter Trust.  If you are a club or society, school or corporate, please contact me to hear all about the  stories I couldn’t write about, the lessons I learnt, and the journey to the top of the world and back down again!

Email me on

Check out what other people who have heard Axe on Everest presentation’s have to say – click here.

Once again – thank you so much for your support.

Axe signing out from the Courtyard Hotel in Kathmandu.

Debra being extracted from her smashed vehicle by emergency crew’s. The Rescue Helicopter is in the background which helped save her life by flying her to hospital for the urgent medical attention she needed. (Photo: TRHT)

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  1. Sonia Candy-Rova

    wow have loved reading all the blogs and can not tell you enough how much joy you have brought to room one with your hilarious tales and also your successful summit climb. we have produced some amazing work on everest i will put some pics up on yr facebook. taranaki rescue helicopter had is open day on sunday. my family and i went got our pics in the helicopter, fire engines, irb etc had police dog deom and lots more. it was even more exciting when the helicopter got called to an actual emergency in waverley so my kids got to see it take off etc. look forward to reading more, take care, sonia and room one


    • Hi there Sonia! Dad told me he bumped into you in Stratford recently which was nice to hear. Thanks so much for the very nice certificate that I saw the photo of on facebook. I am excited about coming back to Taranaki to see you and your school. I am not sure when yet, but sometime in the next few months when I can arrange it. Please say hello to all the kids for me and a huge thank you for their great support! Speak soon. Grant


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