Axe on Everest 2012

Happy New Year to you all!

It’s my 38th birthday today so a good day to announce my plans to return to Everest in 2012!

In April and May, I will once again head to Tibet and make an attempt on the North Ridge.

I had an epic expedition in 2011, fighting tooth abscesses, high altitude pulmonary edema (H.A.P.E), and strong winds up high on the mountain. I kept going when many people would have turned around and gone home.  So with what I learnt from that experience, I shall return better prepared and stronger physically and mentally.

I have updated my  website –  Take a minute to check it out.

In particular take a look at the 3D fly-though I created all the way from basecamp to the summit.  There is now no need to pay thousands of dollars, train for months, then risk your life climbing Everest. You can see it all from the comfort of your computer!

Everest is an expensive exercise whichever style you attempt it.  I could not get this opportunity without the support of sponsors.  I am extremely happy to have signed up with some sponsors already whom I will introduce during the next few weeks, but the search continues for more sponsors to get me there.

I was both amazed and humbled at the interest following my progress on Everest in 2010.  If you enjoyed following the progress, please share the word with your family/friends and get them to sign up so they will receive the updates.

I leave you a quote from the late Goran Kropp. Goran was was a Swedish adventurer and mountaineer.  He is most famous for his May 23, 1996 solo ascent of Mount Everest.  Goran travelled unsupported by bicycle 8000 miles to Everest, climbed the mountain from the Nepalese side without bottled oxygen or Sherpa support then returned 8000 miles by bicycle to Sweden.

“A good climber possesses the courage to turn back – even when the summit is in reach.  He never forgets that the ascent, climbing up, is only half the trip.  You have to get down, too, and most casualties in the mountains happen during the descent.  The greatness of a climber is not measured by his or her ability to reach the summit on the first attempt.  What matters most is your attitude, your will not to give up, to try again.”

So for now its back to training, training, training.

Until next time!


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  1. We r in 2012, not 2011. Guess your epic expedition ‘last year’ is in 2011, not ‘2010’ as in your post…

    Happy 38th Birthday Grant!


  2. Sorry Simon – small typo there so made the edit – thanks also for the birthday wishes!


  3. So, the North Ridge again!! Good luck and happy training.


  4. Hi Grant,Wish you many more happy returns of the day.all the very best for your expedition.


  5. 3D pic is mega Axe.


  6. Greg and Yoke Moore

    You’ll do it this time – you have the will and the desire!! Happy Birthday Cuz!


  7. Amazing 3D. Now I really know that it was the booze talking at Thanksgiving and there is NO way I will be joining you physically, but will be following you all the way on your blog.
    The Shortys xxx


    Guess it would have taken at least a year to recover from your initial attempt. For most, it would have taken a lifetime!! …And here you go again you tenacious bastard! Loved the 3D trip up but I know that looks a lot easier than reality especially the third step. From where I stood on Kalapathar in October, looking up and dreaming at the yellow rock band and the three steps I could see that massive plume blowing towards Changste and imagining you having to face THAT wind. However, I can also imagine you pugalistically heading up with the wind between your teeth and the determination to stomp those final steps to that rarely trod snowy dome of glory. Again I’ll be with you old mate, every step of the way. xRay


  9. Forgot to mention … don’t forget to put Alan Silva’s rock back on top this time!! xR


  10. X-Ray! Great to hear from you! Yes you sure got that right about the wind – its brutal especially from the North Side. It would definitely be a dream come true to get those last few hundred meters to the summit that’s for sure. I will be going to Nepal two weeks earlier than the expedition leaves this time, and doing an acclimatization trek, maybe in the Manaslu region. Feel free to join me if you want to come for a nice walk and a talk!


  11. looks pretty flat dude apart from the last bit


    • The North Ridge is very mellow lower down, which is one of its benefits. You can walk from Basecamp at 5150m to Advanced Basecamp at 6300m with no objective danger, unlike the South side where climbers have to get through the icefall. However up higher the ridge gets interesting. This is also satellite imagery taken from outer space so the resolution is not that high, things appear much more smoothed out in this fly through than they really are!


  12. Hey Axe, all the best for 2012 as well.

    Drop me a note re sponsorship (to my work e-mail) etc when you can.

    Cheers – Scotty


  13. you gutsy and tenacious bugger! Will be watching your progree reports. Loved the 3D.
    All the best,
    Susan McDaid


  14. Im excited you are up for the challenge. Why am I not surprised. Looking forward to all the updates. I have a good feeling about this one. Make sure you dont buy cheap googles this time.


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