June 8th – The real world??

Well here I am back in Singapore, back in the real world someone told me…! A statement which is making me quite confused.  Is this land of concrete buildings, shopping malls and air-conditioned comforts the real world? Or is the world I spent the last two months in, a world of rock, ice and snow where every action was ruled by mother nature and the way she felt that day the real world??

Anyway I digress.  Part of my Everest project in 2011 was to raise money for two groups, the Central Asian Institute (CAI) and HUMANEITY.  I have done my bit for Central Asian Institute, and they are also running into some ‘interesting’ times in their organisation. We have raised close to$3000 for them.  We also raised $1000 for the Christchurch earthquake relief fund.

What remains outstanding is the project through HUMANEITY which we are sending a group of teenage school children (whom normally would not have this opportunity) from New Plymouth in Taranaki, New Zealand to a school in a developing country.  Here they will witness firsthand the struggle kids born into these circumstances have to deal with on a daily basis.

So far we have raised just over $3600 directly and have $7000 pledged which will be paid in over the next two weeks.  Which means we have raised $10,600 which is a great effort.  My target was however NZ$20,000 to get this program started which means I am only halfway there!!

So this is an appeal to those people who have enjoyed reading the blog over the past two months (and I know many of you have judging by the nice emails I have received), then maybe you could consider making a small donation at the very least for the sake of the entertainment you have received!

It’s very easy to donate – simply click on the link below and follow the instructions on DONATE NOW on the right hand side.  Ammado is a very safe website and means to donate through. (if you are unhappy donating through the website please email me directly rawly@singnet.com.sg and we can work something out).


Lastly I leave you with a photo collage video from my previous climbs around the world, accompanied by a beautiful New Zealand song sung in Maori called ‘Pokarekare ana’.  I hope you enjoy.

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