Day 37 – Latest Update

Received an SMS from Grant from Intermediate Camp at 5700m.

Apparently, he trekked up there in a quick time of 3 hours, and is feeling strong. He will push up to ABC tomorrow, May 17th. And then make a day hike up to North Col before coming down to ABC, or BC depending on how long a day he wants to have.

NB: Remember; it’s 21 km of really rough up and down terrain from ABC ( 6400m ) to Basecamp ( 5200m)

Update filed by David Lim

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  1. You could impress your bosses with a pic with a Norwegian flag as its Norway day on May 17. You’ll definitely get a payrise.


  2. You are a machine axe. Got your mo jo back and looking strong for getting to the top!


  3. Kia ora Axe,
    Am sharing your Updates with the BroTown Whanau. On Saturdays after the game we sink a few Steinlagers and talk about where you are and what you are doing. All the boys send their best wishes, and we’re just so proud to know you Bro.

    News that I know you’ve been waiting for – both BroTown teams are in the Semi’s this weekend. AWESOME!

    And just to keep you up to date with the Super 15. (Top 7 teams, coz the mighty Highlanders are doing ok this year) Canes are back in 11th spot.

    Keep well, and go hard Axe – you can do it!!! Cheers from all your BroTown mates.


  4. Hey Granty
    Hope the weather is better up there than it is here in Stratty. Been persisting down for a month. Poor old moos are up to their eyeballs in shite.
    Anyway, the best of luck from the Stratty Mills clan and don’t take too long about it as you’re already starting to look like Jack!!!


  5. Axe – I am in total awe of what you are doing up there mate. You are a legend! Darren is keeping all the Ufitters updated on your epic adventure…the whole group is with you buddy. Press on!


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