Day 37 – 16 May – one more cycle

Well at this stage a possible weather window does not look like it will open up until at least the 26th May. Bearing in mind we need to leave a number of days before summit time to move up and get into position, this could potentially mean we would start around 21st May from basecamp here. All these dates are completely hypothetical at this stage.

What it does mean is that there is a number of days which we need to stay fit and acclimatised before the summit push. Hence today I am leaving to make another round trip up to interim and advanced basecamp, probably for maximum 3 nights. Depending on the weather window I may push higher to the North Col at 7050m for a day trip.

Attached is a photo of Everest taken this morning behind my shoulder. It looks so serene and beautiful from here at basecamp. The reality is that it is VERY windy high up. So much so that up high,  climbing teams are pinned down inside their tents – unable to move due to the ferocity of the winds.

Well I am about to go and shave off 5 weeks off hair off my face, have lunch then head off for Interim basecamp.

Over and out,


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  1. Mate, great opportunity for a dad n’ dave, or you will have a new nickname by the time you get back to Singapore… “the Yeti!”

    In all seriousness, glad to hear that all is well and you look to be in great spirits. We are all cheering you on from Singapore!


  2. Hi Granto,
    You looked as if you have aged 10 years!
    Pls be safe and come back in 1 piece.
    Daisy’s very worried abt u, he doesn’t want to lose his climbing partner!

    Eat well, stay warm and climb safe. Hugs.


  3. Colin Bosher

    You’re looking & sounding a lot better.


  4. Hi Grant – You look like me now!!!! All the best and hope you get your shot at the summit.


  5. Hi Grant

    Awesome Adventure & tenacity, keep it up big fella YOU CAN DO IT!! – YOu’ll be at the top in a mater of days and Knocks th bastar= off.


  6. Hi Grant

    I have followed your report with greate respect and admiration.
    Seems that you never give up. Your ability to keep on going is impressing me.
    You are realy THE MAN.

    I have to start looking up to you know;-)
    Keep safe.


  7. there are so many people rooting for you. Remember to recognise the signs of hape. You are already so lucky to be living your dream. Don’t push yourself too hard. We want you to come back safe. That is the most important to us. I love you


  8. Kevin "Kmac" McManus

    Axe, Freinds with Kevan Mitchell… From the states… I read your posts to the wife and kids, and we are all routing for you…. Be safe, and stay warm…



    or as Robbie the shoe called me.. {whilst in Singapore }



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