Day 16-17 – Advance Base Camp at last, April 27-28

(by Thuraya SMS message)

Arrived ABC  (6380m yesterday from IC< taking  4 hr 40 mins. SO hot it’s suffocating – like being in my car without the airconditioning in Singapore! Another headache upon arrival so popped some ibuprofen and felt better. Today 28th April is a rest day where i will attempt to clean myself up with a few wet ones ( which would be the marker ” Radioactive – Dispose with Care!”) and have a look around. Axe Out

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  1. Graeme McGowan

    Great dispatches. Really enjoying the video and updates. From a fellow Kiwi. Please give my regards to Jim Morrow.


  2. Great reports and footage Axe, thanks. Go well mate.


  3. Axe, You are an unreal little fella but the picture of you spending a day wiping your filthy self with a wet-one does my head in!
    Stat filthy, upright and safe AMx


  4. Hey Grant,

    Keep up the great progress, but don’t feel obliged to go into too much detail on the personal hygene. 😉


    PS. I hope you don’t smell like yak sh*t when you get back.


  5. well done mate, takes me back to our summit attempt on egmont…


  6. Love the video clips and blogs but how you have the energy to send them is testament to your stamina, training and tenacity. I remeber well the hygiene problems on Aconcagua and how good the Pizza and beers were when in Mendoza when we got down! Keep those thoughts in mind on the way up! Stay strong and well AND safe my old buddy. Looking forward to those summit pics but remember getting up there is optional — getting down is MANDITORY!!


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