Day 15 – Apr 25 -At Intermediate Camp, 5800m

(from Thuraya SMS to David)

Made it from  basecamp to intermediate camp in just under 4 hours. Bad headache and nausea from dehydration last night. Lots of yakshit around. not a pleasant spot. Weather is very changeable from hot, sunny climes to snowing the next hour. Tomorrow , am off to Advance Base Camp ( ABC ) at around 6500m and several hours hike upwards.


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  1. 加油- jia you!!!


  2. Hi Axe – good to keep getting the updates. I know when they’re short that you’re probably having a bad day !! Going to be a few of those I’m sure but it sounds like you are doing all the right things and coping great at the moment. All the hard stuff to come but its the prep as ever that’s the key (as I am trying to expalin to Doogs viz-viz revisision and GCSE exams !!). Keep your chin up and your spirits high…gott be better than being in the office though probably doesn’t feel that way when you are tired cold and wet and smelling the yak crap! I have an acquaintance going from the south side (Gavin Bate – I think I mentioned him)…he’s got a dose of whatever at the moment and runnng to the toilet…hope you see him at the top !! Over and out for now


  3. Keep on fighting…


  4. go bro….great to get the update…keep em coming if you can…all think of you back down here


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