Day 11 – April 21 – Video post from basecamp

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  1. Lou, Mike & Sam

    Thanks for sharing this, especially the pee bottle :). Thinking of you everyday and awaiting your safe arrival home. Lots of Love. Lou, Mike and Sam x


  2. Nicola, Shorty

    Axe – thanks for all the blogs. It’s amazing being able to follow your antics, including the pee bottle (glad it is well marked!). Safe journey.
    Nicola and Shorty


  3. Hey Grant,

    Nice digs. You seem to be adapting well to the altitude.

    Thanks for taking the time to give us a glimpse of what it’s like up there.


    PS. Glad to know your kidneys are liking Everest base camp.


  4. Hey G, if you miss Steph, you can also fondle the silk sleeping bag hur hur hur….


  5. Bro you piss in a UFIT bottle!!!! Hahahahaha. But I guess you also drink from a UFIT bottle……hahaha


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