Day 10 – 20 April – Video post from basecamp

Hi all,

Attached is a short video clip of our Sherpa team setting up the Puja ceremony this morning, and also the basecamp site itself and the view of Everest.

The Puja is a very important ceremony which is run by our Sherpa team, and is to ask permission and blessing from the mountain spirits for our climb.  We each bring our crampons and ice axes and these are blessed as well.

I spent the rest of the day packing gear for the yak team which will arrive tomorrow night to carry our gear the 21km and nearly 1000+ vertical metres to advanced basecamp, sewing sponsors logos onto my climbing suit and also taking short walks around the area.

Yesterday I visited George Mallory’s memorial and found it incredibly moving, especially when I turn and look high up on the mountain and know his body still lies up there.

At the site of Mallory and Irvine's memorial

Tomorrow will be an acclimatisation walk to the Rongbuk Monastary.  It’s very windy here, and around 2 degrees at basecamp so I am permanently wearing my down jacket,pants and UGG boots!

Over and out,


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  1. Thats a nice memorial stone. I got nice pics there too in 2001. Sadly in 2005 when Maureen and I were there, the whole hillock was covered with prayer flags and other stuff so the plaque was completely obscured. If you walk over to the ‘cemetary’ ( ask Jamie), you can find flat stones engraved with the names of other climbers who perished there – like Peter Boardman and a few other modern legends. Wehcha heading up to the intermediate camp? One nice walk is to go to IC, overnight, and then make a push to ABC and all the way back down to BC


    • Hi Dave, we leave for ABC and the North Col on the 24/25th.. I will need you to do some updates for a ten day period then as I will be out of mobile coverage so will call you on the Sat phone. We will definitely be using an IBC.

      Jamie was not to sure where the memorial was. Can you remember how close to the Mallory memorial it was by any chance?


  2. Hey Grant, it would be cool to see the GPS coordinates of the places you camp along the way.


  3. Lou, Mike & Sam

    This is a great photo Grant; this may sound funny, but you look peaceful. Looking forward to more updates from base camp before you set off on “the big climb”. Thinking of you everyday. Lots of love Lou, Mike and Sam x


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