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Climbing the Chief’s Apron, Squamish

In 2014 I found myself with one day to spare in the outdoor adventurer’s paradise city of Vancouver.  After some short research on google for a possible microadventure, there I was in a rental car, driving on the wrong side of the road out of town – destination Squamish.  Squamish is a town around a 1 – 2 hour drive depending on traffic north of Vancouver on the way to the popular ski resort of Whistler.  Squamish is a world class rock climbing destination – mainly because of a 700m massive granite wall located a few hundred metres from the centre of the town, knows as ‘The Chief’.  The lower part of the wall is known as the ‘Chiefs Apron’ and consists of lower angled slabs which lead about halfway up the main wall.

I broke two of my normal rules for adventuring – I hired a guide and secondly coupled with the cost of the rental car,  spent much more money than I would have liked (I have Scottish ancestry).  However I was a long way from home and was not sure if I would ever have the opportunity again so I went for it.  Below are some photo’s of the climb but the main summary was:

–  Jason my guide was a friendly chap

–  It rained like hell a few hours before and hence the rock was very slippery – making a normally strait forward climb feel rather hairy

–  Afterwards I was very glad for the opportunity to climb here and that I made the effort and spent the money – when you have the opportunity to try something unique and special take it, even it means breaking a few of your own rules!





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