Captain Axe LIVE from the Tasman!

For those of you who missed it yesterday- here’s Axe’s interview with Radiosport’s D’Arcy Waldergrave from out in the Tasman about what it’s like out there and why he’s decided to turn back to Australia.

Listen here!

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  1. Great interview Axe. Safe return to Oz mate.


  2. Axe

    You are the man. What a great interview. Lovely to hear your voice and your spirit. You are a rockstar.

    Take care and stay safe
    Nicola and Shorty xxx


  3. Great to hear your voice Capt Axe! You sound as chirpy as you are on a Sunday morning stroll in the park. Looks like you’re getting closer to the shoreline, safe landing !!


  4. Great to hear the interview !
    You are amazingly resilient! Not many people could go through your ordeal and so calmly inform and entertain an audience like you did – coherent , informative with the trade mark Axe humour

    Keep it up!



  5. PYBP!

    Great to hear your voice


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