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Over the past few days a few things have happened to Axe which he was posting directly about on Facebook but those posts were not going onto the blog- so to get us back up to speed- here’s those posts Axe’s blog readers have been missing out on with some big news at the end…
Thursday, 2 November 2017

Wind and seas calming down.Cabin bound still. 2moro hope to be on deck. First job swim to bow to repair para anchor,sort the boat then row you bastard row!

Friday, 3 November, 2017

Early morn swim 2 fix p.anchor.3h work to clean and fix mess after storm.1st shark sighting 1130hrs.Big fin 50m off.Rowed 3hrs,desperate for favorable current

Saturday, 4 November, 2017

DONKEY FOR SALE: one owner,very stubborn and likes to go around in large circles against owners wishes.Self collection from somewhere in the Tasman Sea.

Sunday, 5 November, 2017

When the mountain doesn’t want u there,return to basecamp.Heading back to shore to try and save boat and myself for another attempt w more fav conditions.

…….. More to come

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  1. Grant, I’m sure it goes against every fiber of your being to return to base, but the Tasman Sea isn’t cooperating and it will outlast anyone or anything. Better being safe on shore than being tossed around by insurmountable conditions. Live to fight another day…


  2. Amen, Daryl! – Axe, you of all people know the hardest decision to make on any mountain is knowing when to return to Base Camp. The mountain will always be there for other attempts and the highly calculated risks already taken to undertake such an admirable cause has already proved your metal. I’m sure all those who are following your adventures are, and surely will be inspired to take at least one bold step in their lives in order to advance further along their chosen paths through turbulence and torments knowing there will be calmer waters ahead. —
    Be patient and tough;Some day this pain will be useful to you.


  3. Those bold steps,big or small, are what makes men great!


  4. Go you legend !!


  5. Jean Bradley and family

    We have really enjoyed following your adventurous journey and can
    Imagine your disappointment but better to be safe than sorry. Way back
    In the 1950s I went to Australia – one of the £10 Poms- but on a large liner
    and the thought of you and Charlie in your tiny boat being tossed around in those
    giant seas gave me a few more grey hairs. Best wishes and good luck.


  6. Good for you Axeman ! Glad to hear you’re safe and had time to analyze the situation, an extremely sound call. Not a total loss as You’ve gathered more experience of the Tasman than you had 17 days ago!


  7. Thank God you’re turning back. You scared the shit out of us. Repair, regroup & go again.


  8. Mate, it was a great effort and a decent training session for the real push. I look forward to a chat when you are back on land.

    Safe paddling back to Aus


  9. Understand the challenge. I’m happy you’re heading back to shore. You can take on board so much from your experience and will be ROARING when you feel the time is right to take it on again. Your strength blows me away. Keep going man! 🙂


  10. Gosh, just looked at my previous comment. Don’t understand the challenge at all … definitely something that has to be experienced to be understood. I just think you are amazing …


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