Goodbye Australia – Departing Thursday 0700hrs

At 0700 hrs Thursday 19 October I will depart Australia in Simpson’s Donkey, bound for New Zealand.  The SPOT tracker will be updating every ten minutes and you may follows the progress live at this link:

My departure plan is definitely a non-standard ocean rowing start.  You may expect some interesting maneuvers in the first few days as I do my best to dodge weather systems and remain safe as I make my way south initially before turning east towards New Zealand.  One of the largest dangers in the first week is the coastline and getting through the busiest shipping channels of the crossing.


With Sarah Donaldson, my host in Coff’s Harbour

A massive thank you to Sarah Donaldson who has been such a warm, down to earth, kind and gracious host for the last ten days. Welcoming me as a complete stranger into her house and making me feel part of her lovely family.  Sarah you have good karma coming your way.


My last words and thoughts from shore are to my lovely ladies back home in Singapore.  Leaving behind Stephanie and the girls has always been the hardest part of this entire expedition.  Much harder than the rowing or cycling.  And to Stephanie who remains at home, running the house as a single mother in my absence, what words can I say but thank you.  When I return it is my turn to support you in your dreams.





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  1. A golden circle of protection to surround you for a safe trip and happy return to loved ones


  2. Best of Luck Axe, I wish you Godspeed and safe travels as you head out into the beast! Hope you are home safe in you bed with your girls asap and try not to get any crazy repetitive songs in your head whilst paddling! 😁😁🤣🤣 All the best.


  3. All the best Axe, God speed..and may the currents and weather be with you! Graeme Harley


  4. Enjoy and stay safe. Will be following you all the way.

    Nicola and Shorty xxx


  5. God speed Grant, will be with you all the way.
    “Uncle” Bill


  6. Go well, Axe, you can do it!


  7. Stamping my foot in frustration that I can’t be there to give you a push-off, Axe! As with any massive undertaking, I know how you feel with regards to family thoughts and all loved ones who will most surely be thinking of your hourly, daily and weekly effort as you plough through those relentless waves on your magnificent quest. Food for thought – “Beyond the restless sea, a sublimely peaceful shore awaits” – as does your yearning, loving family and friends.


  8. Marilyn Rawlinson

    Safe travels Axe. Our thoughts and good wishes go with you


  9. Best wishes for a safe crossing. Looking forward to having you back in Taranaki.


  10. Best wishes, Grant. May the crossing go well, and may you be back in the Naki with family and friends as soon as possible.


  11. Good luck mate. I know you can do it safely….the only question is how many days….You have many people watching this trip and wishing you well. Bon voyage!


  12. Have an enjoyable memorable crossing Axe, very best of luck!!


  13. All the very best of luck Grant.

    I hope the winds blow at your back as much as possible and that then shines for you.

    Take care and good speed to you!


  14. Row Row Row that boat…………following every step of the way. Safe Sailing Mate.


  15. Mark w Atherton


    There are a bunch us out there that call you a friend and i thinks it’s a safe bet to say we are all pulling for you…and want you to be safe.



  16. All the best in your leg to NZ. we will be there cheering when you arrive. Bailey family. Stratford


  17. Safe travels, Grant.


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