Running on empty? Nutrition for extreme endurance events

My main goal on the Rowing from Home to Home expedition is not to die.

One of my secondary goals is to turn up in NZ at the end of the journey in good physical shape – not having completely wasted myself in the process (which is what happens to a number of endurance athletes but you probably never hear about it publicly).



123 days, 8,100km and 2/3 of the way through the journey I am healthier now than when I departed.


How do I do this? Here is a behind the scenes peek at the approach to nutrition for this journey in this article written by expedition nutritionist Gary Moller.

Hopefully people from all walks of life may find something useful from this – please read the full article here.

gary moller

Gary Moller – top level athlete and expert nutritionist 

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  1. Please don’t die …we need you !


  2. That’s a really interesting article, Axe – thanks for sharing it!


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