Episode 7 of the Rowing from Home to Home diaries

Hello folks!

Enjoy episode 7 of the Rowing from Home to Home video diaries – lovingly and professionally put together by our very own kiwi film producer Alistair Harding.  As you can probably tell, Alistair does this for a living and if you are after professional video production, don’t hesitate to contact him!

This episode covers the 1,500km journey from Batam Island in Indonesia through to Pulau Bawean in the middle of the Java Sea.

Episode’s 8 and 9 coming soon will cover the journey from Pulau Bawean through to landing in Darwin in Australia.


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  1. Awesome job Axe and Charlie. Inspirational is not a grand enough word and yet bloody nuts 🙂 too. Behind you all the way. Awesome vids too :-).


  2. Well done, guys!


  3. Axe and Charlie! Excellent video, loved every second of it. Those storms look bloody scary, so proud to know you yet again, good luck! Tremendous effort.


  4. This was terrific viewing from the comfort of my own bed on a Sunday morning.


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