And so Simpson’s Donkey has made it all the way to Darwin, Australia! Even as the weather gods attempted to keep them away for a few minutes longer by sending in some strong winds to keep Axe and Charlie anchored a few hundred meters offshore, in the end they were never going to be denied and they docked just a few minutes ago!

Both are well, coherent, understandably tired, and now a little hot as they sit in the dock answering questions from Australian Customs!!

Thank you everyone for your messages of support- you’ll be hearing from Axe and Charlie very soon once the port and immigration clearances are completed! Go the Donkey!!

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  1. Fantastic – you guys rock!!


  2. Woop Woop! Congratulations Axe and Charlie. Well done guys on finishing this stage of the trip.


  3. Whoo hoo. Axe and Charlie great job. Axe look forward to the next instalment. Any chance you arrive in NZ for Lions tour 😘😘😘😘😘


  4. Great news !
    Barramundi for dinner 😎


  5. Well done guys. What a feat – requiring great courage, skill and strength.


  6. Gay and Don Dawson

    Oh the relief to be finally there. At least Ngaire will sleep tonight!!!! Well done both of you. Great effort!!! Poor Charlie – how could you sack him after all that. Love from us both. Gay and Don


  7. Tim, Scho and Heather Richardson

    Congratulations to both of you and yr donkey !!!! Delighted and relieved. Burgers and chips and pizza and Fried chicken ……


  8. This is great news to hear, well done guys!


  9. YAYYYYY!!! Congratulations! Enjoy the ice cold beers! Big hugs from me, Tim, and Heather!


  10. Well done chaps! Congratulations on a fabulous achievement, a testimony not just to your courage and determination to keep going when the going got tough, but all the planning and preparation that you put in before ever leaving dry land. Brilliant! Oh, and good luck Axe on the next leg of your journey….


  11. By the way I am impressed that your tracker now shows Simpson’s Donkey is parked in Weddell Street. That must have been some effort….!


  12. Helen Rawlinson

    Congratulations Grant and Charlie
    Brilliant effort, hope you get some rest and settle back to life on land!
    Thanks for the regular updates, we have all been hooked on your map of progress




  13. Congratulations Axe & Charlie. Long way to row for a Darwin Stubbie. Enjoy.



  14. HUGE CONGRATULATIONS GUYS! An extraordinary, courageous and tenacious achievement. I can well imagine the logistics that went into this amazing adventure
    and I admire the trust, confidence and generosity of all your sponsors who continue
    to back your inspiring adventures. Can’t wait for the next instalment of a life less ordinary!


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