Ahoy from Simpsons donkey! We are just five days into the second segment of the journey having crossed the Lombok strait and jumped straight back into boat life. Being back onboard and underway again is a liberating feeling, as the longer we felt on land the further we seemed away from our objective as we waited for the precious weather window to cover the Lombok strait.

Much like our entry into Bali, the crossing of the Lombok strait- and indeed the Flores sea we are currently crossing- is a reminder that the elements rule here. The favorable currents we have been experiencing have meant we have clocked a significant amount of mileage in just 5 days, and at times cruising as up to 5 knot-which in ocean rowing terms is like a rocket!

It’s funny how quickly you learn to adapt to the environment you are in, leaving behind the comforts of land and back to a simple life. We have both adjusted well back into life onboard the donkey, from the cabin being 35 degrees during the day, to falling back into the simple routine of row, eat, sleep and of course- looking after your crewmate.

Grant and I are both putting in the hours and working hard, and very much looking forward to seeing our loved ones soon. Still all smiles amongst the crew and spirits are high, here is to more glorious miles and more adventure to come as we approach the Timor sea!

1st mate Charlie Smith

Posted on February 17, 2017, in Rowing Home. Bookmark the permalink. 6 Comments.

  1. Wahoo! You’re doing a stunning job. What a team, hey! Go,you good things, go!


  2. I smile every time I see a posting.

    The Canadian team is cheering for you two.


  3. Delighted to hear all is progressing well and I am really enjoying the updates. Cheers Kate (UK)


  4. Thanks for the updates, guys. I am filled with admiration for your efforts. I last navigated Lombok on a 35000 ton oil tanker in 1970, and I remember the currents were crazy. Have a safe trip. Alan Knight in snowy Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.


  5. Jean Bradley and family

    Love and best wishes on your great adventure from all the Bradley family in Abergavenny.


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