So a lot has gone on since yesterday’s update… first of all, after a brutal, brutal slog, the guys have made it now to within 20 kilometres of the coast of Bali and can now see the mountains of the island looming ahead of them!! And what’s more, their perseverance is now being rewarded with some calmer seas and weaker winds which have now turned to push them down the coast towards their landfall at Amed Beach! And furthermore, the currents along the coast where Amed Beach is have now turned to be in their favour which will be a welcome relief as they arrive!

So now the thoughts are turning to a safe arrival at Bali. Amed Beach is a small bay with a few different obstacles the guys will need to beat to get in safely. First of all, the approach along the coast is spotted with reefs which cause the beaches to be lined with surf. So they’ll have to keep wide of the coast before turning sharply into the bay while avoiding the rocks at the southern end of the beach…. and remember, Simpson’s Donkey is an ocean rowing boat not designed to come into shore, so this is by far the trickiest landfall they’ve encountered so far. So for safety’s sake, we’re now organising a boat to come out to meet them and guide them in when they arrive either late tonight or early tomorrow morning.

So as we wait, it’s time to celebrate a couple of fantastic things that have also happened in the past 24 hours… Firstly, late last night Simpson’s Donkey passed the 1000-nautical mile mark!!! That’s over 1800km since they left Singapore on January 3!!!! Amazing stuff and something to celebrate when they arrive at Bali tomorrow!

And secondly, Expedition Project Manager Dave Field and his wife in Waipu, New Zealand have overnight welcomed a new baby girl into their family!! Awesome stuff Dave!

So fantastic news all around today but keep those messages of support coming in – the support was overwhelming yesterday and it was a great boost to the guys as they battled the toughest conditions they’ve faced so far on this epic undertaking!

For Simpson’s Donkey’s current position, seehttps://axeoneverest.maprogress.com/rowingfromhometohome

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  1. Congratulations on the 1000 nm milestone!


  2. Yeah. Well done guys. That is amazing. Enjoy Bali. Lots of love the Shortys xxx


  3. Great stuff Grant. Cheers Ralf


  4. Absolutely fantastic work guys, hope the arrival went well and gave all those approaching rocks a miss. Enjoy the rest. Cheers Kate


  5. Marilyn Lois Rawlinson

    Fantastic. Enjoy a well earned rest before the next leg.


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