So after having a good time of it speeding across the remainder of the Java Sea at high speed for the past couple of days, last night a dose of reality hit the guys in the form of some rough weather and uncooperative winds. It got a bit stormy with winds rising to about 25knots and swinging around to the South-west making things very uncomfortable, forcing Axe and Charlie to drop the sea anchor for the first time in the expedition (think of a parachute in the water which holds the boat from being swept away). And for a little while, even with the anchor down, it was even threatening to sweep the Donkey north and away from Bali altogether. But with the morning has come some calmer weather and a more favourable North-East wind which has got them back on course and is pushing them along at about 3.5 knots which is fantastic progress after the frights of last night!

So now the challenge is to enter the Bali Sea which should happen today sometime. Once there, the challenges are going to double. Firstly because we’re still not entirely sure what the currents will be doing there, and secondly, as you can see by the map showing their planned course into Bali, they’re going to have to turn in a more southerly direction on their last 70 nautical mile approach to their landfall at Amed, Bali. And as you can see by those little black lines pointing north east (the direction from where the wind is coming from), the winds are going to be coming in from the sides and pushing them away from Bali for the last 36 hours of this leg. If last night was rough, it’s just a taste of what’s to come… Stay tuned and check out the guys progress at https://axeoneverest.maprogress.com/rowingfromhometohome !! Go the Donkey!

Planned course to Bali

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