Hi Team,

This afternoon Simpson’s Donkey completed another epic milestone! We arrived safely and in one piece to Bangka Island. The surroundings here are beautiful and the locals are showing a lot of interest in the boat and expedition; it is great to have the local support and be surrounded by so many smiling faces.

Did you know that these islands not only hold pristine white beaches with crystal clear waters and coral reefs – a hot spot for diving and snorkeling, but they are also the largest producers of tin in Indonesia! It is quite fascinating what you learn when exploring new shores.

Check out some snaps below on our arrival!

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  1. I’m really enjoying following your blog and map, you’re making great progress. How are you guys finding the longer open crossings of the last few days?


  2. Hi guys – excellent progress to date – well done! Look after those bums!

    Now, what’s all this coast-hopping? Is this a holiday, utilising cheap transport, or an expedition!

    Don’t forget to take time to cherish those ‘magic moments’ – a calm, quiet, dark night with just the swish of the oars and a trillion stars for company – priceless! When I was away at sea I’d tell the young kids I would be looking at the stars and they should do the same as we’d be looking at the same stars. So, we’re not really apart because the stars are joining us together! (I guess it might be a bit of a stretch though to see stars through the city lights of Singapore!)

    Go hard, go well! Colin Q



    • Hi Colin, thanks for your lovely message – love the stars strategy and I also have a book of photos of the girls I look at it when times gege tough. Trying to cherish the moments is something we are working on – see you soon in New Zealand my Friend.


  3. So awesome to see you out there pushing the limits again…you will have so many exciting stories to tell your beautiful wife and daughters when you get to your ‘other’ home here in NZ…Be safe guys , …..when things get tough remember this…sometimes courage does not roar like the lion , courage is the small voice at the end of the day that says we will try again tomorrow….Kia kaha Lisa B NZ


  4. In case you aren’t aware, your SPOT position reports appear to be dropping out and they also indicate the battery is low. Not sure if there is a causal relationship, but you might want to keep an eye on the battery.


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