We are leaving!

In a few days time we will push off from Raffles Marina for the very last time.  Using the assistance of an outgoing tide, we will dip our oars into the water and turn Simpsons Donkey south, finally begin the Rowing from Home to Home expedition. This is the biggest and most committing expedition of my life. It is difficult to explain the amount of work that has gone into this.  The whole team has gone well beyond the call of duty to do their piece to make this difficult and intricate puzzle fit together.

To all the sponsors, supporters, friends and family who have chipped in, rolled your sleeves up and helped us – thanks you so much. We would not be here without your support.

Our exact departure time and date is unfortunately not something we are sharing publicly as we are trying to remain focused on the task ahead.  It is within the next four days however.

I leave you with these words which an ocean rower sent to me last week:

“I’ve been following ocean rowing expeditions for 7 years now and the way you were preparing for it is exceptional.  I wish you a big chunk of nerves and patience. What you are about to do is much tougher than anything before in ocean rowing. When you set to row across an ocean, even the Pacific, you don’t have much to think about other than row and check the GPS once a day. On the other hand, you will be non-stop calculating the best route among the islands, thinking about where to go, forecasting wind, waves and currents.  99% of the time dealing with issues, calculating  where to go. Which is very hard, because you have to think all the time, but I’m sure you won’t lose your mind!  From what I’ve seen from Facebook trial rows, you are also one of the best prepared expeditions before the start. I’m sure you will be up to the task. One chunk (island) at a time!”



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  1. Marilyn Lois Rawlinson

    Safe travels. We look forward to following your adventures


  2. The best of luck Axe, wishing you a great passage, cheers Rick and Suz

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  3. All the best mate, will be with you all the way “Uncle” Bill

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  4. All my best wishes for a safe and successful journey Grant and Charlie! Have been, and will be following the posts of your travels. Kai Kim


  5. Axe. Have an amazing time. Looking forward to following your journey.
    The Shortys


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