Rowing from Home to Home – Episode 4 – have we done enough?

It is with great pleasure we release episode four of the Rowing from Home to Home video diaries.  This personally is my favorite episode to date as it covers some real action from our training row in Indonesia and our successful crossing of the shipping lanes which I am really quite proud of as it is a rather daunting stretch of water to negotiate without engine, sails or support boats.

We are so close to departure now – I can almost smell the start line.  On one hand I feel enormously excited and on the other hand I feel intense sadness at putting Stephanie, Kate and Rachel (my wife and 2 daughters) through this ordeal.  Sitting on the sidelines and watching from a distance is always the most stressful position to be in.  Every minute I have with them is precious, and the closer we come to departure – the more precious these moments become.  I guess this is fundamental to what gives things value.  The fact that life does not last forever.  And our time with our loved ones is not eternal.

I have resigned from my job, and dedicated the last two years of my life to this project.  Every single day – chipping away at the mass of hurdles and obstacles which are in place.  If I wasn’t absolutely 100% committed to the task I would have given up a long while back.  In terms of preparation, we are miles ahead of many of teams that I have researched that have set off on ocean rows.  But the route from Singapore to Australia has never been rowed before. Their are many question marks that we will not have the answer to, until we enter the arena.  I keep asking myself the same burning question.. “Have we done enough?”

Time only will tell.

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