Episode One – Open Day for the expedition

Hello folks!

Yesterday Charlie Smith and I returned safely to Raffles Marina in Simpson’s Donkey after a six day training row to Indonesia.  We tested our systems, got smashed by two storms, ran aground, got very sun burnt, battled headwinds and strong tidal currents, dodged oil tankers and cargo vessels and learnt more in six days than a year of what reading books on the subject would ever teach us.  Oh, we also had a fantastic time!

Thanks to all those who supported our journey, Dave Field our project manager in New Zealand, Muhtar Latif our electronics specialist, Alistair Harding our film producer and of course Stephanie my wife for managing home base so efficiently without my input.  Also a big thanks to  Captain Peter ‘Stitch’ Hutton and his crew for being our support vessel on the way over to Indonesia.  A video episode will be dedicated to the training row and the exciting footage we collected but for now, it is my great pleasure…. to introduce to you episode number 1 of the Rowing from Home to Home series – produced by the unassuming yet amazingly talented Mr Alistair Harding – we hope you enjoy!

PS: We aim to produce episodes EVERY two weeks from this point forward throughout the expedition, but this costs money so we ask for your support. If you enjoy this episode – share it with as many friends as possible, this more views and support we get the easier it is to find the means to keep producing these.  We don’t do this to make money, we do it because we love it, we hope our passion shows through in our work and we hope you love it too!


Grant ‘Axe’ Rawlinson

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  1. Hey Guys, sounds a tough training session, but worth it I’m sure. Well done.


  2. Hi Axe – your training trip sounds pretty much like a standard ‘day at the office’ for an ocean rower, though going aground with a 6″ draft is an exceptional achievement! Totally invaluable experience! Cheers Colin



  3. Hey Axe, great video. Very professional. A credit to you and your team and when I say team I don’t just mean Charlie – I mean your land-based team as well. I look forward to future episodes.


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