Its summit time on Everest! Climb the most famous route on the worlds most famous mountain in 3D in only 3 minutes!

Morning folks! May is the month on Everest when the weather is most settled, the temperatures are not as extreme as normal (although they still can be) and climbers are getting ready to head to the summit of the world. For some people it will be the climax of a lifelong goal. For others who do not make it, it will be a bitter disappointment. After two Everest expeditions, I count myself lucky to have had been through both of those experiences. I learnt so much from the failure. I went back a stronger and better climber the second time and it changed me as a person. No longer do the negative things affect me so much in my life as I know its completely in my power to change my circumstances and direction. Failing is all part of the journey. Pick yourself up and move on, because when you get to the top after going through some tough times, the victories are so special.

If you want to experience what the climbers will be going through on the Southeast ridge route on Everest (the most commonly climbed route and the route first climbed by Tenzing and Hillary in 1953) then watch the attached video I just put together. It takes 3 minutes and takes you from basecamp all the way to the summit.

Off belay!


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  1. Very cool bro what’s the next expedition all about then?? 6 months time??


  2. i see they are putting in two ropes on the steps this year. one for going up and one for going down to avoid, bottlenecks this year.


    • Hi Wayne – the two rope system as far as I am aware is only lower down the mountain e.g. Lhotse face. The issue with bottle necks is on summit day high up from the south summit to the true summit. I don’t know if there is enough room there for two ropes as it is badly corniced.


  3. Good stuff Axe, I’m a 6000er climber and maybe in the future I’ll think about Everest, the South side has always been my choice since a boy but now with the crowds and the recent conflict I am looking with more interest towards the Tibetan side. Would you ever think of attempting the Nepalese side ?
    Also what is your feel on whats recently happened with the camp 2 incident ?

    Always a good read Axe

    Cheers Ian


    • Hi Ian, I would definitely not personally be on the Southeast ridge route these days – far too many people for my liking, from an enjoyment perspective and also a safety perspective. The North side has far fewer people – go there! Camp 2 incident has had way too much media attention. The three climbers obviously disrespected the sherpa’s, and the sherpas over reacted. There was a dust-up. The end! Good luck for your future climbing plans Ian and thanks for dropping by.


  4. Kate E Smith

    Thanks Axe enjoyed the video. I feel to know all these places so well. I have been up and down Everest so many times that I think I should be awarded a medal of some sort. I watch Alan’s videos that explains the camps and over night sleeps at both sides. I watch them so often, it’s as though I might have missed something and the route may have been changed – silly and stupid I know,perhaps it’s the altitude! Cheers Kate


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