May 17th: Summit Push – latest update this morning

( by SMS to David Lim) Just in this morning around 7am Nepal time.

Woke up to a nice day. Little wind at the moment. Terrible sleep at the North Col – as was expected. Leaving for the grind up to our Camp 2 which is now at 7800m.  Maybe take 8 hours


Axe Out…


( David’s note: Most campsites are at the end of the long snowy north ridge at 7650m, just before the route swings to the right heading upwards to the final summit camp at 8300m. In 2001, our shared camp was at 7900m, very hard to get to…)


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  1. kep it going Axe, all the best Scotty


  2. Go Axe! Thinking of you at the top soon! from Nerida (Melbourne, Australia)


  3. Fantastic Grant – all the best. Roddy


  4. good to hear things seem to be going as well as can be expected (given the challenge)….hoping the conditions stay well for you for the push…all the best Axe


  5. flor agalliu

    you will do it. go axe!!!!!


  6. you can do it.all the best Grant


  7. It won’t be because of your lack of effort, tenacity, strength or mental stamina that you won’t be able to make it to those highest, sacred table-cloth-size few square metres of terra firma on earth, but because you DO have all those qualities, YOU WILL get there AND safely down. You deserve it Axe. I’ll be breathing as hard as you are until you get down safely. A few small but very tough steps for Grant, and few precarious giant steps for all of your sycophants! Go for it my man and stand tall for 15 minutes of fame that’ll last a lifetime! May the good blessings of Chomolungma/Sagamartha’s spirit be with you. xRay


  8. Kate (Isadora) Smith

    I’m still Watching and Waiting Cheers Kate. So exciting !


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