April 13th update – photo’s from Tibet

Tomorrow we will reach Everest basecamp. I am sending this post to test my wordpress ‘upload by email’ option which I need to use from Tibet. I have attached 3 photo’s and I hope they will automatically insert into the post properly, with captions.

Next post from Everest Base Camp!

#img1 caption=’Dusty Tingri main street’#
#img2 caption=’The Tibetan plateau from Tingri’#
#img3 caption=’First view of Everest’#

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  1. Kate (Isadora) Smith

    Blog and photos worked a treat,much easier to access than most. It certainly looks like a one horse town even though you say there were many! Kate


  2. Hi Axe, Looks great and enjoy reading your blog. Looking forward to following your climb and adventures, wishing you success and a safe return (hope that’s not bad form).


  3. Geoff Wilson, friend of Don Dawson

    Hi Axe, enjoying your blog. I agree with your comments about Tingri. However I also have very fond memories of the place, because when I was there 10 years ago, it was the first village we arrived at, coming off the mountain. And the restaurant (?) there stocked steinlager beer! Just like mothers milk. It was drinks all round for the party that day!
    Good luck


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