Axe is Off Tomorrow!

This is a test post from your occasional web writer David Lim. As you may recall, I filled in the various gaps in the story on Grant’s climb in 2011; based on my own experiences over 2 Everest expeditions in 1998 and 2001 – the latter to the north ridge. As information was coming in pieces by SMS from up high and the occasional call, I wanted to help all the fans here and in NZ to experience Grant’s journey.  I hope to do the same again this year. However, I suspect Grant has got his stuff better organised this time, and with luck you should read and hear less of me, and more of him!

Like many, we wish Grant the best of steep climbing in the next couple of months – Go, Axe!Image

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  1. Derek & Margaret

    All the best Axe .. have a good climb and enjoy it …


  2. Hey Grant,

    Take care and come home safe and sound. I’ll be following your blog and looking forward to hearing updates on your progress.


    PS. Don’t forget to bring your sponsor’s banner with you to the summit! 😉


  3. David,

    I’m sure everyone who followed Grant’s climb last year will agree that your posts were very welcome.



  4. Axe good luck Mate! Have a great time and enjoy!


  5. All the best Axe, we’ll be tracking your progress. David, I thought your posts last year were great.


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