Training for Mt Everest – One week training video blog

My wife Stephanie recently asked me a very good question. “How do you know you are fit enough to climb Mt Everest?”

Well as they say the proof is in the pudding.  So I don’t know that I am fit enough yet until I have actually climbed the mountain and got back down safely.

It did spur me to create this one week video blog of my training for Everest 2012.  I have been training hard for almost 5 months and this video lasts for just over 12 minutes and covers my 7 day training schedule.

Comments/questions are welcome below!


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  1. Nicola, Shorty

    Wow…. I am exhausted…. Have fun up Everest. How is your sister doing?

    Shorty and I will be thinking of you and following your posts.

    Nicola xxx


  2. Too cool Axe, my legs are sore just watching you. All hail the foam roller!


  3. Axe

    Go well mate. Look forward to reading about you summitting on the blog



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