Climbing for the Taranaki Community Helicopter Rescue Trust

With only 12 days till I leave for Everest, I am very happy to announce that my climb will be in support of the Taranaki Community Helicopter Rescue Trust. This is the service which helped to save my sister Debra’s life after her  horrific car accident on the 24th February, 2012.  You can read more about that fateful day in a blog post I wrote here.

Debra was pinned inside her vehicle and had to be cut free.  She suffered severe chest, leg and internal injuries in the accident.   The accident happened close to her home in an isolated rural location.  She was very lucky to be flown to hospital by the Taranaki Community Helicopter Rescue Service, who along with the other emergency crews involved, helped to save her life. (See photo below from the accident, with the Rescue Helicopter in the background).

The scene of Debra's accident showing the volunteer staff from the Toko and Stratford Fire Service extracting her from her smashed vehicle. The Taranaki Emergency Rescue Helicopter is waiting in the background. Photo Credit: Taranaki Rescue Helicopter Trust.

The Taranaki Community Helicopter Rescue Trust receives no direct government funding and thus relies on donations and the support of the public to keep running.  I will be raising money for this service and in support of Debra’s fight to live and to learn to walk again.  Her strength and courage are a huge source of inspiration to me.

I do not like to ask people to simply give donations to a cause without me personally giving something back.   Nor do I like to repeatedly ask for donations everytime I post a blog. I get burned out by following blogs who continuously hound the reader for money.  My blog is after all, a climbing blog.  Its about about my attempt to climb the North Ridge of Everest – one of the deadliest mountaineering routes in the world.   And I like to keep it that way.

Thus I hope over the next 2 months that you as readers will get some entertainment and some enjoyment from reading my posts.  At the end of the day you may think I am crazy, you may find the stories humorous and exciting, and you may even be inspired.  I hope then, if I have done a good job, you may be motivated to help support the cause!

More information about the Trust and ways to donate can be viewed at my website link here.

This is Axe signing out from 120m above sealevel  in Singapore.

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  1. Grant, I forgot to ask you before you left, how is Debra?


    • Hi Daryl! Thanks for asking and thanks for your nice messages. Debra is making slow improvements day by day which is great to see, she has a wee notebook with skype and we had short video calls this week and it was great to see her looking quote perky. will be a long slow process healing her legs, so patience will be a virtue for her! Tale care my friend and see you soon!


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