Day 48; May 28 – Late update

Via Twitter feed:

Kenneth Koh summitted everest on May 27th at 0940hrs. This makes him the 2nd Singaporean to do so from the North Ridge

NB:Unknown: where he is exactly ( probably North Col) or about his condition and reported snowblindness

From Grant:

Came down today to ABC, exhausted. The mountain looks deserted. Rest of team still at North Col. If there’s a chance for a second attempt, I want it. Only one other team mate seems up to it – Ismail. Climbing to c3 was the most exhausting thing I’ve done and in my current state, it terrifies me. I’ll leave it in God’s hands to make the decision for me regarding the weather. I want to walk away from this mountain with nothing left to give

Feeling a little down. At the same time, I’m very homesick and would love  to get  off this mountain as soon as possible. Now it’s up to the weather report and final 02 assessments. Looking forward to fishhead curry with David when I get back…Never missed Singapore so much.

David’s Take: Assuming Grant rests on the 29th, he will get into position at c3 for a summit push from May 30th – June 1st; attempting the summit June 2nd, with the tight schedule still permitting a return to SIngapore by June 8th – in theory

From Grant (late):

weather report just in: Strong winds of up to 30 knots over summit zone for the next 10 days, except for some easing off for a few hours on June 1st. This means there will be no second summit attempt.

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  1. Lou, Mike and Lou

    Oh Grant. We couldn’t be prouder of you, summit or no summit. If only we could bottle your dedication, commitment and pure passion for Mountain Climbing… Can’t wait to see you back in Singapore. Stay safe. Lots of love Lou, Mike and Sam x


  2. Bugger Grant. Im sure you’re feeling a little low but you should be extremely proud of yourself. What a tale to tell.


  3. You can be like Adam Parore and reach it on your next attempt. Fantastic effort mate.


  4. Mate you did us all proud, you are amazing bloody weather I am sure you could have done it. Come home safe


  5. Hey Grant,

    Sorry to hear the weather prevented you from reaching the summit. I’m sure it must be hard to take knowing you overcame all of the other obstacles only to have mother nature in the way. Even if you end up coming home without getting another chance, you gave it your best. It’s better to come home safe and healthy than to risk your life, your limbs or your vision. No mountain is worth that.

    Take care,


  6. Not a chance. Give up now and stay alive. The season is over.


  7. Bugger!!

    Well at least there is now something left in the world to challenge you, a second summit attempt! I mean what crazy thing could you do to top this? A challenge left for another day.

    Awesome effort mate! getting over all those hurdles is just incredible!!

    Safe travels back to Singa’s and enjoy a few well deserved luxuries!



  8. It is incredible what you have achieved so far but I am sure you are gutted at being so close yet being prevented by the weather making it to the summit. Safe journey home and look forward to catching up with you.
    Incredible effort.


  9. I am sure you are gutted with the weather stopping you from giving it another go, but it has been an awesome achievement – amazing to follow through your updates. Safe travels back home mate. I am sure you are already starting to plan the next adventure…


  10. Greg and Yoke Moore


    It’s all been said before and Yoke and I can only endorse what all your supporters have been saying in all of the posts throughout your whole journey. Return safely, you have achieved much and you can afford to feel well satisfied.

    Greg and Yoke


  11. It’s been a pleasure to follow your adventure Grant, and mother nature is something you can’t beat even with good clothing and tonns of preperation. Hope to see you in Singapore soon and get more stories from your trip over a Tiger. Have a safe return trip.


  12. Awesome effort bro. The mountain will still be there next time. Have a safe return trip.


  13. You made us proud! summit or not is not a big thing but your fight has inspired many people already. Thank you Grant!


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