Day 6 – April 16 – Video post from Nyalam

We are about leave Nyalam this morning on a 4 hour drive further up the valley to the town of Tingri at 4300m. Yesterday we did an acclimatisation walk upto 4300, I felt good on the walk but got back down with a slight headache and spent the afternoon taking it very easy. Feeling great this morning after a good sleep last night.

Attached is a link to a short 1min and 40 sec video I shot yesterday of leader Jamie McGuiness explaining the significance of prayer flags from on our walk. This is the first time I am experimenting uploading video. I can’t access youtube from China(they block the site as with many other sites including facebook) so I have to compress the video to a smaller size as possible so that I can email it to Stephanie who uploads it to you YOUTUBE in Singapore then sends me back the link.

If you like the video and want to see more, or have some comments about it, please do let me know (leave a comment on the bottom of this page or email me at and I will start to upload more short video segments along the way if you people like it!

Here is the link:

Have a great weekend,

Signing out from Nyalam, Tibet at 3750m.


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  1. Axe great idea on the video mate! Jamie didn’t come across that clearly audio-wise, may have to keep the cam closer to him or whomever is speaking in future. But picture quality was very good, nice to see the environment…..looks chilly!!


  2. Im loving the blogs Grant. Everyone at my work and my parents in law are constantly asking for progress reports.


  3. Godd to see some local footage Grant. Was that a big “Goobie” on Jamie’s snozz at the beginning? Tell him not to turn away from the camera when speaking as his voice almost drops out. My wife does it all the time when she’s giving me instructions, then yells at me for having to repeat everything she says!!
    Would love to see more clips as you go. vacariously, following your progress all the way to the top! Stay well … and safe. Ciao for now.


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