Day 3 – 13 April – Arrived in Tibet!

Quick update to say I have finally arrived in Tibet in the border town of Zhangmu.  Am testing out my Chinese roaming USB modem kindly supplied by Ms Fanny and the comms system works great!  We arrived today at 4pm after a 5 hour drive from Kathmandu.  I will update the GPS position shortly so you can see where we are at the following link:

Great to be here. Its cold and wet and I am in my thermals and woolly hat already and  its only 2300m elevation,  This town of Zhangmu is nothing pretty at all. It smells of urine!  Attached is a photo of the bridge we crossed over which is the border between Nepal and Tibet. The Chinese are very strict what we bring across – especially any items, posters/photos etc to do with the Dalai Lama, and any tiger skins or other rare animals which people try and smuggle across. So they checked our bags very carefully.

Over and out from cold and wet  Zhangmu..


Bridge in the centre is the border between Nepal on the left and China (Tibet) on the right

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