Is this enough gear to get me to the top of the world?

All the gear is packed and as you can see from the photo, one duffel bag, one pack, one mini suitcase, one small back and a computer bag.  I am not sure of the weight yet, but am guessing around 50kg+. I have 40kg baggage allowance on Silkair and with Stephanie’s 20Kg allowance I am hoping they will let me through without being charged any excess!

Is this enough to get me to the top of the world and back safely? I hope so!!


Finally all the bags are packed!


So what to have for the last meal in Singapore before leaving for an extended period? Of course a TIGER Beer and some famous Singapore crab! Thanks Ching for supplying dinner and some good luck charms.  I am sure I will need them!


I will miss Singapore food that's for sure!


Also – further to last my last email there were some people I need to thank which slipped through the last time..

To Ms Fanny from Shanghai, thank you for arranging the Chinese Telecom SIMCARD’S and other communication items I needed help with.

To my employer Kongsberg Maritime and M.D Mr Stene Forsend, thank you for allowing me the generous time off work.

And to Danon The – who I thought I had killed one day in Bukit Timah Nature reserve when he collapsed in the line of duty taking photo’s of me! Thanks for the great effort above and beyond the call of duty.

Ok time for bed – early start in the morning!



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  1. Wish you have memorable time in Everest.
    Good luck and keep safe!


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