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Climbing Arapiles – A vertical slice of Australian heaven

During early May 2014, I spent some glorious days rock climbing together with Alan Silva at Mt Arapiles in Western Victoria.  Mt Arapiles may be unfamiliar to non-climbing folk. However to rock climbers it is world-famous with over 3000 routes established on this amazing rock formation.  I will let the photographs speak for themselves to show the wonderful time we had sampling Mt Arapiles more well-known climbs.  We climbed a number of the ‘classic’ routes with names such as “The Bard, Muldoon, Syrinx, D-Major, The Trapeze, D-Minor & Piccolo”.  Mt Arapiles is around 3.5 hours drive from Melbourne and well worth a visit even if you are just going for a walk to enjoy the view.  All photo credits are to Alan Silva & Grant Rawlinson.

You can click on each photo to enlarge.

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