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Sayang Omak Orphanage, Duri, Sumatra Indonesia – Local people helping local people.

It was a real honor to be invited to the remote oil fields located in Duri, Sumatara Indonesia last year to conduct presentations on climbing Everest.  As a result of the talks and the generosity of the attendee’s – a local orphanage named ‘Sayang Omak’ received some assistance recently.  See the attached images to learn more (you can click on them to enlarge).

Thanks to Greg Moore from Worley Parsons for coordinating and arranging the trip.  Thanks also to his lovely wife Yoke and family for putting us up and a  huge thank you to all the wonderful people who attended the talks and supported the local community!
001 Axe Sayang Omak 120513002 Axe Sayang Omak 120513003 Axe Sayang Omak 120513

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