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High Achieving

ICAEW_Dinner2012-353High achieving is a keynote address suitable to corporate audiences, ranging from 40 – 60mins.  Depending on the context of the event, Grant customises his talks and delivers key messages to success listed below:

–  Change management – leading and managing change in your organisation to achieve goals

–  Understanding what motivates people

–  Tackling giants – using limited resources to tackle huge challenges

–  The importance of mental strength and we become mentally stronger

–  Self motivation and goal setting – the commitment required to achieve

–  Dream big, take small steps 

“I recently engaged Grant to present at a CEO event in Singapore with SAP. His presentation on his personal Everest journey was very well aligned to our event theme of business transformation and was exceptionally well received by the industry CEO’s in attendance. Axe was extremely personable, presented his content with passion and clarity and had the audience engaged from the start to the last video he showed.  I would highly recommend Grant to anyone looking for a speaker outside of the norm of typical corporate speakers. I would happily speak to anyone wishing to use Axe as a motivational speaker.”

Claude Ringuet  – Vice President Consumer Industries (Retail, Consumer, Lifesciences, Wholesale) SAP Asia Pacific Japan

“Diageo engaged Axe to present to a diverse range of nationalities and personalities across our Asia Pacific team. He has a fantastic sorry to tell and he delivers it with a unique speaking style interspersed with some deadpan Kiwi humour. The result is engaging and gripping, both entertaining and with some key messages to be absorbed. Axe’s message is powerful and his themes of leadership, determination and decision making under pressure, amongst others, are highly applicable to a business environment. We were privileged to gain an insight into the world of high altitude mountaineering which very few people frequent, and be left with an understanding of the personal journey Axe has taken over the last fifteen years”.

Nat Parbhu – Regional Counsel Southeast Asia, Diageo Asia Pacific

Mountains of Passion

A 30 -40 minute motivational talk, mountains of passion shares the importance that having passion for the ‘process’ of achieving a goal is more important than the goal itself. Mountains of passion is  suitable to all audiences.  Axe uses his personal journey’s through 25 years of rugby (including International 7-aside rugby) and 14 years of mountaineering to emphasise the key message that following your passion’s is the key to long term sustainable success in any walk of life.

“You brought the house down, Grant! What a fantastic mix of side-splitting humour, engaging storytelling, compelling message, a-ha moments and absorbing audio visuals. You are a natural and ever so comfortable on stage and your personality just shone through. What a way to end my day!”

Thaddeus Lawrence – Professional Speaker and author

Axe on Everest

A 60 minute presentation, Axe on Everest covers Axe’s 13 year climbing journey to the highest point on earth.    This is suited to clubs and societies and audiences wanting to be ‘wowed’ with a thoroughly entertaining, thought provoking, dramatic and inspirational journey from the bottom to the top of the world.

“Axe presented a highly personal and stimulating lecture on his successful ascent of Everest in 2012 to the Royal Geographical Society – Hong Kong in which he eloquently, and amusingly, recounted his transformation from an international rugby player for Singapore to successful mountaineer. He engaged his audience through an interesting interplay of anecdote, personal video and cativating photographs. His presentation drew wide audience acclaim and was recognized as very motivational.”

Roger M Brumhill
Board Member
Royal Geographical Society – Hong Kong

Axe on Everest – for schools

Speaking to the Tambalog School Children in Singapore 2010

Speaking to the Tambalog School Children in Singapore 2010

A cut down version of the ‘Axe for Everest’ talk above to fit into the allotted class period time.

School children love Axe’s engaging presentation style.

Axe’s talks leave them inspired and motivated with increased self belief.  As an extra benefit Axe can also include a quiz of ten questions which the students fill in with the answers during Axe’s presentation.  This further reinforce’s the key learning messages.  Was a great keynote speaking done in Tambalog School in Singapore.

“Axe, thank you for a truely honest journey to the summit of Everest. you had us enthralled with the blogs, videos and finally the amazing presentation. All spoken so well and truely inspiration to us all.  You captivated a lot of young and old minds through this amazing recount with your warm and confident manner. We wish you well for your next adventure and look forward to following it”

From Room one, St Patrick’s School, Inglewood, New Zealand and teacher Mrs Sonia Candy-Rova

To book Axe for a speaking opportunity contact him on  axe(at)axeoneverest.com


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