Latest from Simpson’s Donkey 6pm NZT Friday 16 November 2018

So the latest from on board Simpson’s Donkey as of this morning, is that all is going well in Mission: Get home safe.

“Conditions last night were ideal for rowing,” says Axe. “We rowed 2-hour shifts all night and have been doing 1-hour shifts so far today.

“Today the wind is swinging to the North-East which will slow our progress a little but our meteorologist Roger ‘Clouds’ Badham is doing an amazing job. We’re very lucky to have him guiding us with such accurate and vital weather information. He’s been feeding us information twice daily, and without his support and expertise we would not be able to make it back.

“In other news, we saw our first ship for a few days today – it was about 5 nautical miles away.”

In the longer term, the winds are expected to be more favourable tomorrow, so fingers crossed the guys can make some good progress back to safety.

Will keep updating – check out the tracker for their exact current location at

Oh, and lastly – keep the messages of support coming! We’re relaying them on to the guys and they appreciate the support immensely! They’re really keeping the guys on the job–

Current location as this update is posted:

Current wind the guys are experiencing:

Wind the guys can expect Saturday:

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  1. Keep it up guys. Amazing work you are doing in not very favourable conditions.


  2. Good to hear the progress that’s being made back to shore – each stroke gets you closer to home


  3. Keep pulling guys, you are doing great!


  4. Thinking of you both. Keep on rowing. That pesky Tasman. Coming to spend some time in Urenui this Xmas so I’ll kick the waves for you!


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