SIMPSONS DONKEY HQ update from Dave Field:

You may be wondering if the guys made it across the shipping lanes, came unstuck or became a submarine and popped up on the tracker at a later time?
Rest assured all is well on the Donkey, it is just a technical fault on the SPOT Tracker service that is providing intermittent updates. Grant and Charlie have traveled 63nm since departing Bali and are approximately 25nm north of Lombok. They are both extremely glad that they waited for the weather as the Lombok Strait lived up to everything they had anticipated. With light winds and the oars inboard at one stage the current alone was pushing them along at 5-knots, luckily to the north-east! It would have been very unpleasant just 24-hours earlier with 25-knots of wind opposing the current in the Strait. There was a lot of shipping traffic requiring a constant lookout, with one large container vessel getting within 1nm of them so the daylight crossing after a good rest period was essential. After a north-easterly heading since departure the currents are now beginning to set them to the east, so they will turn that way and make some further progress towards Darwin. They are both feeling well and settling into the routine once again. Hopefully the tracking service will be restored soon so we can all keep updated on their progress.

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  1. I was glad to see another position report after they went off the grid in the middle of lombok strait! I hope the westerlies blow hard and make their trip easier. Good luck, guys!


  2. Awesome. Well done guys, keep on paddling! Stay safe, God be with you. You are an inspiration to many.


  3. Pleased to hear all is well, what a task they have set themselves Cheers Kate


  4. Glad all is well and enjoying your updates Cheers Kate


  5. Pleased to hear you are on your way once again. Look forward to next update. Cheers Kate


  6. Wishing you a safe and successful journey. May Allah help you to find the true path.


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