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  1. I think Charlie’s Dad is on to something. Shorty and I have the rowing machine at home already and we will commit to minimum 10 minutes a day every day you are rowing. Have an amazing time Axe and Charlie – really looking forward to following your adventure. Happy New Year xxx


  2. Gazman, really proud of you and excited for the journey you’re embarking on. Looking forward to hearing your updates and getting together with you when it’s all done. Godspeed, my friend.


  3. Axe and Charlie, Wishing you all the best of luck for your epic journey. I will be monitoring your progress and thinking of you. It has been an inspiring example of dedication and determination to even get to the start date so well done already. Windy.


  4. Roderick Macdonald

    Hi Grant – all the best with your new epic adventure – will be following your progress.
    All the best to you and Charlie. Roddy


  5. Axe – all the best to you and Charlie for this epic journey mate ….Youngie


  6. will be thinking of you Grant. Say hello to NZ for me


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