Passion unleashed

For me, standing on the summit of Mt Everest was the result of following a process.  The process of mountaineering.   I love mountaineering. I am passionate about it.  I love the months of planning for an expedition, the months of sweating and training to prepare my body physically.  The meticulous preparation of my equipment.  Most of all I love the huge mental challenge I have to overcome before each climb to confront my own fear.   All these reasons are why I climb, they are why I climbed Mt Everest and that is why I continue to climb.

Passion is an enormously powerful force.  It gives us the strength to get through hard times and setbacks.  It gives us strength to overcome our fears, to ignore what other people think of us, to be disciplined and make sacrifices in pursuit of our dreams.  Passionate people do not want to take shortcuts – they consider that  ‘learning the process’ is an important part of the journey.

In mountaineering it’s easy to spot those who are not passionate about the process.  They want to stand on top of the mountain but they are not really interested in the process of climbing the mountain.  I feel for these people.  Success without hard work is a hollow, empty feeling.   They never last long in the sport.

Just as in life,  successful mountaineers are the ones who are passionate.  They are not there just to stand on the summit.    Their passion gives them the energy to work the hardest, fight the longest, and in the words of Winston Churchill “never, never. never give-up”.

By following my passion it took me to the top of the world.  Next week I will be talking on the importance of following your passion at the Singapore Management University. See the flyer below for more information. I hope to see you there!


Come to Axe's next talk on 12 March, 2013 - click the image to enlarge!

Come to Axe’s next talk on 12 March, 2013 – click the image to enlarge!

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  1. Would love to be there! I’m hearing what you are saying, for me if there wasn’t any planning or preparation (in anything) it wouldn’t be the same for me.

    In fact, I’m glad I read this today, because sometimes I find it overwhelming, so I cut it back to the basics, one step at a time, and enjoy every step, otherwise it won’t be worth it!


  2. Wish I could be there. I think it’s about time you paid the UK another visit, preferably somewhere up north.I am trying to encourage a would be Everest climber and forwarding your sponsorship tactics. If you are doing it on your own it can be a lonely place to be.Even tho you are passionate it is hard for others to understand why you feel this way. Everest exp.are no longer unique and you have to do something different to catch the eye of the ordinary man in the street. Attending one of your lectures would undoubtably help fire the passion in would be mountaineers and inform them that they are not alone.We all need a little help along the way. Cheers Kate


    • Hi Kate – that’s right – its not easy to get sponsorship, takes alot of work, strategy and some luck. A bit like climbing a mountain! Feel free to put your friend in contact directly with me if they want more advice! I am now working on updating my video Kate as per your request so hope to have it ready in a couple of days for you! Will let you know when its ready. Take care and bye for now,Axe


      • Thanks Axe you have no idea how great it is to receive a personal message from you. Once the expedition is over most people cross you off their list.but still remembered after the deed is done is great. You may have already heard of my friend Ellis J Stewart. I did send him your first writing about sponsorship which I suppose that’s the biggest mountain one has to climb. Cheers Kate ps Just re read your blog about your trek to Annapurna, I found it just as amusing second time around.


      • Hi Kate – well good luck to Ellis finding the means to get there. As you say its a large part of the battle I am in the process of updating that video you asked for!


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