Summit Day! May 19th 2012

No Updates from Grant – a good sign I think. If he had turned back in the early hours of the morning, we might have heard from him already – so fingers crossed. For those who asked, Uelie Steck, the “Swiss Machine” summitted on May 18 with the Chilean team. He was climbing without bottled oxygen. 29 summits as at May 18th.


Off belay,


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  1. Linda Mckenzie

    Gosh! Been up since 7 and checking and rechecking! Will watch this space!


  2. We’ve been checking and checking too. Pleeeease keep us posted! Thanks!


  3. Dave, what’s the time difference between the North Side and Singapore?

    Cheers, Als


  4. The suspense is killing me he must have made it!!

    Go Grant!!



  5. Belay that. I didn’t notice the date until after post button. David, if you can delete it, please do so.


  6. Thanks David… absolute gem receiving insight like this.


  7. Go Axe…. Will be staying up to watch this all night if we have to.


  8. Markus Atherton

    Where are you, Bud?

    There are a bunch of us with fingers and toes crossed… our wishes and hopes are with you!


  9. Yeah Hi Grant where are you? You know you can stand on top of the world just be careful and best wishes.Just sent you a sms thuruya message. Good luck Axe. Love Mic


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